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Marketing is an investment, unless you're doing it wrong... then it's an expense."

James Danella

Primary Topics

James has spoken on topics including all aspects of marketing and advertising as well as strategy, sales and networking, business ethics, internal culture, marketing non profits and faith. Some of his more popular keynote speech include: The New Consumer, Business Through Integrity, Branding for Small Businesses & Re-Thinking the Non-Profit Model.

Success Stories

After hearing James speak at a marketing event, Kalpac – a manufacturer of retail and food service bags and boxes in Hudson Valley, NY – brought James in to do a series of workshops with both their executive and creative teams. Utilizing the strategic insights and fresh perspectives James was able to help this company discover who they wanted to be when they grew up, create branding that represented their internal culture and helped them focus their social media message.

For Companies

Businesses wishing to invest in their future are able to work with James in a variety of ways. Inspire your staff by inviting James to speak at a team meeting. Gain fresh perspectives that challenge your brand by working with James one on one as a consultant. Roll up your sleeves and revitalize your brand with a series of workshops focused on specialized topics. Or gain access to James and his strategic approach to marketing and advertising by exploring a relationship as an agency client.

Whether he’s speaking to a room full of executives as a keynote speaker or working one-on-one with a business owner as a consultant, James’ approach is extremely thought-provoking & challenging.

No matter the subject, with wit and humor James invites his audience to lean in, lower their guard, and follow him on a journey that will leave them feeling understood, educated & inspired.

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